New: Gandalf WordPress Plugin Beta



Gandalf lets you create exclusive content for your token holders on platforms like Typeform, Notion and Wordpress

New: Gandalf WordPress Plugin Beta


Multiple protocols

Tokengate on Ethereum, Polygon & Farcaster and more coming soon!


Only people who meet your access criteria can view your content

Just your wallet address

We don’t collect any extra sign-up details, all you need is your wallet

Currently supporting tokengating on Ethereum, Polygon, Zora, Base, Optimism, Arbitrum & Farcaster

Single page links or entire blogs.

Tokengating a single document or creating an NFT-driven experience for an entire Wordpress blog? Gandalf’s got you covered

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Google Docs

Google Forms


Tailor-made for your favourite platforms.

Gandalf is built to work extremely well on rich content platforms you’re already familiar with like Notion, Typeform, Google Forms, and WordPress, with more coming soon.

Manage your gates

See all your gates in one place, track engagement metrics to see how well your content is doing with your community.

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Gandalf provides a seamless way to incorporate Web3 components and functionality into mainstream Web2 products, such as Google Forms. We utilize Gandalf to create token-gated application forms that are specifically tailored for specific Web3 communities.


Senior Venture Partner at OrangeDAO

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We’re constantly adding new platforms & protocols and we’d love to hear from you.

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